QIANLI MEGA-IDEA K367H 7-Port Fast Charger Expansion Hub with Corresponding Switch

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Gross weight320g

QIANLI MEGA-IDEA K367H 7-Port Fast Charger Expansion Hub with Corresponding Switch
1. New arrival from Mega-idea, two variates are available to help repair: 7-Port USB Hub separate control design 
is more efficient;  5-port charging 60W power rate with digits display.
2. K367H 7-Port fast charging USB Hub with corresponding switch for each port; P605S 60W Digits display 5-port 
charging Hub.
3. 7-port extended Hub supplies multiple devices at the same time, supports USB 3.0 use at the same time, more 
efficient when getting rid of limited space.
4. High-speed data transfer, 5Gbps theoretical transmission bandwidth, 350MB/s high-speed data transfer runs 
smoothly when transferring large-size files.
5. Aluminum alloy material, excellent heat radiation ability while bringing great user experience longer life, and 
safer to use, split design is more versatile, split design, more simple disassembly and storage.
6. For more applications, the first 3 ports are PD charging and the rest are USB 3.0, meeting data transfer needs 
for most electronic devices.
7. P605S digits fast charging, PD+USB fast charging, wide applications, LED digits display.
8. Wide voltage, available globally, supports AC 100~240V wide voltage input, suit for power input standards 
globally, compatible with multiple adaptation protocol.
9. LED digits display the power rate, display the charging situation in real-time.
10. PD+USB 5 ports are able used at the same time, 5 ports, support multiple devices at the same time.
11. Intelligent fast charging, built-in power manager chip, to smartly adjust the output power and current.
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