Qianli IPower MAX Pro DC Power Supply Cable for iPhone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X/XS/XS Max

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Intelligent QianLi iPower MAX Pro DC Power Supply Cables with On Off Motherboard Power Switch

Upgrade Version With Updated Connectors for iPhone XS / XS Max. 

Note: IPower MAX Pro Cable Connector Buckle havn't be Soldering with cable, need DIY doing welding

Built on the success of QianLi iPower Pro DC power supply, The iPower MAX pro DC Power switch Repair Cable for iPhone 

6 6P 6S 6SP 7 7P 8 8P X, XS, Xs Max, it allows you to not only power iPhone logic boards directly using your DC power bench

supply, but it also gives you a boot button to power them on, this is ideal if you need to power the iPhone logic board up while 



Nowadays these types of cables are extremely important in our field

Knowing a devices electrical status will tell you a lot about the problems at hand

These DC power supply cables are of the Highest Quality and come with On/Off Motherboard Power Switch, the power supply 

cables have a small circuit board at the end and it plugs right into your batter port and charge port which allows to turn your 

phone on works great on iPhone 6 all the way through the iPhone X built with a On/Off Power Switch that allows you to turn the 

iphones motherboard on to allow for further testing, this allows to not have to use tweezers and risk bending pins or connecting 

extra unnecessary parts like charge ports and charging cables that tend to get in the way.

Package Content:

1 x  IPower MAX Pro DC Power Supply Cable for iPhone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X/XS/XS Max


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