JC iDetector Intelligent Handheld Phone Detector For Full Series IOS Devices Detection

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JCID Intelligent Handheld iDetector for phone detection

  • 1.For full series of iOS devices
2.Identify whether your iPhone is the official replacement, refurbished, brand new, refitted, code changed, or capacity expanded, and query the basic information about the phone
3.Detect whether your 
iPhone is modified by purple screen devices
4.Detect whether the original parts have been replaced
5.Detect whether refurbished
6.Query the basic information
7.Connect the iOS device or enter the device serial number / IMEI to query the warranty information, ID status, black and white list, and network lock of the device
8.Test the power consumption of the whole device, and check whether the mainboard is leaking
9.Let "dark disease" device nowhere to hide!
10.It has practical functions such as skip activation, reactivate, restart the device, crash analysis, etc., and will be continuously updated in the future
11.Support WiFi/device hotspot connection, multi-language switching, software automatic upgrade, account management/recharge, brightness adjustment and other parameter settings

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