RELIFE E1 Carbon Fiber Electric Screwdriver Set with 12Pcs S2 Steel Bits

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Gross weight170g

RELIFE E1 Carbon Fiber Electric Screwdriver Set with 12Pcs S2 Steel Bits
1. Relife E1 powerful carbon fiber electric screwdriver set, 12 S2 steel bits, 5-speed speed adjustment, battery display, forward/reverse.
2. Carbon fiber exterior design, lightweight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance.
3. S2 steel magnetic screwdriver bit, fully equipped to meet daily maintenance needs.
4. Forward and reverse steering design, easily tighten or remove screws.
5. Shadowless LED light, clear lighting, efficient operation
6. Type-C charging port, lithium battery power, safe and long-lasting battery life.
7. High-precision repair, 12 precision screwdriver bits, covering most common models for electronic product disassembly, all-inclusive for repair and disassembly.
8. 5-speed adjustment, forward and reverse mode, forward and reverse steering design, built-in sensor circuit board, release the button to stop, press effortlessly.
9. High-quality S2 alloy steel bit, high hardness, double anti-rust surface treatment, high-precision fit without damaging the screws.
10. 4 LED shadowless lights, clear lighting, dim corners can also become clear and bright, allowing you to see tiny screws at a glance.
11. Lithium battery power, safe and long-lasting, using Type-C port charging to bring more efficient use and improve the portable experience.
12. Electric maximum torque 0.25-0.35N·M, full of power, easy to control, high concentricity, ensuring precise and damage-free operation
13. Industrial-grade forging standard, carbon fiber exterior design, weighing only about 60g, light work without fatigue.
14. Strong magnet built into the front end, magnetic installation of the screwdriver bits, quick replacement, easy to use.

1. Brand: RELIFE
2. Product name: Carbon fiber electric screwdriver set
3. Model: E1
4. Gear: 5 speeds
5. No-load speed: 200r/min
6. Electric maximum torque: 0.25~0.35N/M
7. Battery voltage: 3.7V
8. Lithium battery: 350mAh
9. Charging time: 60min
10.Standby time: 60 days
11. Battery life: 120min

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