RELIFE RL-023B Multipurpose Magnetic Squeegee

CODE: AS129811

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Gross weight50g

RELIFE RL-023B Multipurpose Magnetic Squeegee
1. It is suitable for cutting polarizers during mobile phone maintenance, removing screen OCA glue, separating 
frame glue, disassembling and prying screens, etc.
2. Multifunctional operation,It can be used for shoveling or cutting, and it can be used for various operations, 
and it is also suitable for surface cleaning of various materials.
3. Strong magnetic suction ready to use,No need to unscrew the screw, take out the double-sided blade and use 
it with one buckle and one suction, which is convenient and quick.
4. Comfortable grip tight grip,Non-slip handle, ergonomic design, long-lasting and not tired, compact and portable.
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