11.6" LCD Screen for Apple Macbook Air A1370 A1465 Ori

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Note that: for many LCD models available, we will randomly ship out one.Special requirement, pls leave us a message in advance.

Product contents:

1. LCD screen 


1. Quality: Ori

2. Compatible with: Apple Macbook Air A1370 A1465 Glossy

3. Estimated weight: about 2500.00g

Product Features:

1. The LCD screen is easy to be damaged, please handle it carefully.

2. Over 90 degrees bent of the LCD cable will damage it and cause black display. Please make sure it is

    not over-bended.

3. All the screw holes and cuts are precise; this LCD screen will fit your phone perfectly.

4. The LCD screen has been checked carefully and works well before shipping.


LCD screen is located under the glass, it is responsible for the image displayed on the phone and often

solves the following problems:

1. The LCD screen is cracked, shattered, or broken obviously.

  1. 2. There are dead pixels, colored spot, lines on your screen or the display is dark.

Package Content:

1 x 11.6" LCD Screen for Apple Macbook Air A1370 A1465 Glossy


1. Before ordering: Please check your phone model and read related information carefully.

2. Before installation: It would be better to test the item as the LCD screen is fragile.

3. Testing process: First, attach the flex cable of the new LCD screen to the motherboard of testing

    phone, second, power on, then, just start testing. During the test, please remember not to remove

    any protective film or tags and mind static electricity.

4. Testing result: If the test result is OK, then you can install it, if not, please contact us as soon as

    possible and do not install it forcefully because we will not be responsible for damage caused during

    and after installation.

5. Installation: special tools and professional operation are highly recommended.

6. We offer 1 year warranty for this item.

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