Quick 861DW Digital Lead-Free Hot Air Disassembly Station 220V EU Adapter

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Gross weight7800g
Model Number861DW
PlugEU Adapter
NameDigital Lead-Free Hot Air Disassembly Station


1. Power: 1000W

2. Input voltage: AC220V

3. Temperature range: 100~500 degrees Celsius

4. Maximum air volume: 120 L/min

5. Dimensions: 188*245*135mm

6. Weight: about 4700.00g

Product features:

This machine is used for demolishing welding, featuring automatic dormant function, password protection

function, key unlock function, it is convenient to operate and you can adjust the temperature and air volume

according to your demand.

Package content:

1 x 861DW Digital Lead-Free Hot Air Disassembly Station (220V)


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