Aixun Chip Grinding Machine for Phone Motherboard CPU IC Removal 220V EU Adapter

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Gross weight6000g

Aixun Chip Grinding Machine for Phone Motherboard CPU IC Removal
1. LED lighting, speed regulation, adjust the grinding speed on demand.
2. No-load speed at 12000r/min.
3. Press the lighting button to turn on the LED lighting.
4. Customized CNC ER8 chuck.
5. Standard package includes 2 specifications of customized emery grinding head 2.5/4.0mm.
6. Replace the grinding head, unscrew the nut at the lower end of the grinding chuck.
7. 2.5*30mm emery grinding head, 4.0*30mm emery grinding head.
8. An edge tool for chip grinding, powerful, multi-purpose, the best choice for touch IC, motherboard chip grindingl
9. After grinding, the effect will be better to simply treat with a maintenance blade.
10. Linear guide rail and double-sided limit block design.
11. The positioning point can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the grinding depth, width and length can be accurately adjusted.
12. Aviation brushless motor, POST buzzer prompt.
13. Power and multi-purpose, the best choice for Chip IC NAND motherboard grinding.
14. Strong momentum, strong load, more efficient.
15. Quick to start, easy to learn, and use.

Name: AIXUN Chip Grinder.
No-load speed: 12000r/min.
Input voltage: 110V/220V.
Rated power: 100W.
Rated current: 8.5A.
Workbench size: 250*117mm.
Product size: 290*234*215mm.
Application: used for touch IC, motherboard chip grinding.

Grinding adjustment
1. Depth adjustment: the grinding depth can be adjusted up and down by adjusting the vertical micrometer.
2. Horizontal micrometer: the grinding width can be adjusted left and right by adjusting the horizontal micrometer.
3. Length adjustment: Fix the grinding moving length by adjusting the stop block.

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