Kaisi K-890 Professional LCD Electric Handheld Digital Multimeter Tester

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Product Specification:

  K-890 is a 3 5/6 high-precision digital instrument with functions of stable performance, battery-powered, high reliability and high accuracy.

  The instrument is with 21mm supersized screen to keep a clear reading and peak value. 

  And it is also can be used to test some parameters such as DC voltage, AC voltage, DC alternating current, resistors, capacitors, diodes, temperature, on and off, electric field induction, and frequency. 

  The entire machine takes double integral A / D conversion as the core, this is a superior power tool and ideal home furnishing tool for the laboratory, factories, radio enthusiasts.


1. Real effective measured value

2. Supramaximal capacity measurement 

3. NCV electric field measurement

4. 6000 bit range digital display 

5. 15 seconds backlight time

6.  Maximum / minimum value measurement 

7. Auto power-off

Package Content:

1 x  Kaisi K-890 Professional LCD Electric Handheld Digital Multimeter Tester


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