Mechanic MagTin Magnetic Levitation Chip Tin Planting Platform with iOS A8-A15 CPU Steel Mesh

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CODE: AS100817

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Gross weight300g

1. Strong Magnetic: According to the principle of magnetic levitation.
2. Automatically adsorbed and clamped the steel stencils.
3. Infinite Update: For all BGA chip tin planting, constantly updated.
4. Steel Stencils Set: iPhone series, Huawei series, Qualcomm series
5. Premium Imported: High temperature resistance of500°C no deformation or bulging Made of AAAA grade steel, good flexibility.
6. Magnetic Module: Fix the chip in the upper left corner of the chip groove.
7. Make the magnetic module withstand the edge of the chip automatically. It can cover the corresponding chip stencil.
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