Mechanic STi-08 3D Infrared Thermal Camera Repair Diagnosis Instrument

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Mechanic STi-08 3D Infrared Thermal Camera Repair Diagnosis Instrument
1. Mechanic STi-08 cellphone version 3D thermal imaging camera, and professional motherboard testing instruments make your maintenance faster and more accurate.
2. Suitable for mobile phone motherboards/computer motherboards/smartwatches, etc., one-click quick location of fault points and abnormal temperature points.
3. Infrared camera/One click troubleshooting/360° height adjustment/3D thermal field distribution analysis/Anti-static base.
4. Four advantages, just for your peace of mind: Super sensitive infrared lens; One-click quick check, fast fault location; Compatibility with mobile/computer, real-time observation; multi-angle rotation fold, small and handy.
5. Support one-key leakage detection, the minimum can detect 6mA current leakage
6. Support different areas of the image color change contrast fine check, supports comparison between good and bad boards to locate faulty circuit boards quickly
7. The thermal imager through Type-C data cable, connect your phone/computer/laptop, install thermal imager software on your phone/computer, press the top Mechanic logo boot can be used
8. Military-grade high-resolution infrared lens without visible light camera, both can display the outline minimalist design, high performance, and mechanical appearance, but also to impeccable value for money
9. Ultra-high resolution, 52000 points effective temperature measurement (192*256), full frame infrared detection
10. Dedicated mode for product evaluation and heat distribution analysis, the innovative 3D thermal field mode is more intuitive and the 2D thermal field area curve is more detailed.
11. For thermal distribution design optimization, fault differentiation comparison verification, regional temperature curve comparison record, superposition comparison, etc.
12. Unique three-row axis folding design, 180 rotation to adjust, fancy open angle, after folding the instrument is about the size of your hand lightweight and portable, one hand can hold it.
13. With the unique charm of aluminum metal, and the creativity of freeing hands, let's decide on this material to make a cellphone support with a thermal imaging device, the bracket comes with a non-slip silicone ring which is light and easy to place the mobile phone.
14. More practical design, quickly adjust the direction of the lens and loosen the sliding screw of the support, it can realize 360 rotations up and down and select the appropriate detection angle, the working distance is 100~150mm, and the extended lens can be observed at 30mm.

1. Name: Thermal Imaging Camera
2. Model: STi-08
3. Resolution: 256*192 pixels
4. Measurement distance: 100mm~150mm
5. Device interface: Type-C interface
6. Lens field of view Angle: 56*42
7. Image storage format: JPG
8. MP4 Video storage format: MP4
9. Temperature range: -15℃ ~600℃
10. Detection: Minimum current leakage of 6mA

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