PUHUI 1500W T-890 Infrared BGA Rework Station

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Product Specification:

1. Total power: 1500W

2. Rated voltage and frequency: AC 110-230V   60/50 Hz

3. Infrared body power: 300W

4. Infrared preheating chassis power: 1200W

5. Work surface size: 320*330mm

6. Infrared lamp body effective heating area: 60*60mm

7. Preheating chassis preheating size: 245*260mm

8. Preheating chassis temperature adjustable: 0-350℃

9. Dimensions: 316*410*290mm

10. net weight: 9.3kg

Product features:

1. Powerful and perfect function selection, eight kinds of temperature curves of memory, the user can arbitrarily select the heating curve according to the requirements of desoldering.

2. Intelligent curve heating, can automatically complete the entire desoldering process according to your preset temperature curve, making the whole desoldering process more scientific

3. Three-dimensional adjustment lamp body, retractable carriage system, suitable for any angle components The desoldering, the infrared lamp body is equipped with laser positioning, which makes the adjustment more convenient and more accurate.

4. PID intelligent temperature control technology, the temperature control is more precise, the curve is more perfect, can effectively avoid the rapid heating or uninterrupted heating caused by the chip or Circuit board damage.

5. Ultra-high power preheating melt adhesive system, and the use of self-developed infrared heating device, strong penetrating power, uniform heating of the device, more accurate temperature control. Removable or reworked BGA, SMD, CSP, LGA, QFP, PLCC and BGA ball, various row and pin sockets (such as CPU socket and GAP strip), fully meet the needs of computers, notebooks, electric games, etc. BGA desoldering / rework requirements, especially suitable for computer North and South Bridge desoldering

6. Friendly man-machine interface, perfect LCD display, the entire heating process makes you at a glance

7. The appearance of fortitude, lightweight volume, from the beginning The ultimate embodiment of technology-based. The countertop placement mode allows you to have more space; simple instructions for you to see at a glance

Package Content:

1 x  PUHUI 1500W T-890 Infrared BGA Rework Station


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4. We offer 1 year warranty for this item.

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