QIANLI Infrared Fire Eye Thermal Camera Motherboard Repair Detector

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QIANLI Infrared Fire Eye Thermal Camera Motherboard Repair Detector
Main functions
1. Short circuit quick check.
2. Phone operation.
3. Lightweight and portable.
4. Temperature tracking.
5. Regional temperature measurement.
6. High temperature Alarm.
7. Color palette switch.

1. Android Type-c connector.
2. No PC required, plug and use, aluminium centre frame carbon fibre surface, compact and portable.
3. Customized 80-180mm focal length range, designed for mobile phone motherboard repair, scientific 
research testing, PCB development and optimization, and other temperature adjustment in close range.
4. A pocket thermal imaging camera compact design to free maintenance testing from site and 
equipment constraints.
5. App has a full range of functions, comparable to software on the PC end, efficient and flexible.
6. Temperature range adjustment,quickly locate the high temperature defects.
7. High temperature QUICK check and Locate.
8. Customized regional temperature measurement.
9. High Temperature Alarm.
10. Multiple colour display modes.
11. Temperature measurement: support high and low temperature auto tracking, points, regional and 
lines temperature measurement, temperature range check.
12. Center cross: Iron, white hot, black hot, rainbow, red heat, cold blue.
13. Photos and videos: support photos taking and video recording, photos scan and playback.

Model: QianLi Infrared Fire Eye Thermal Camera.
Focal Length: 80-180mm.
Resolution: 256x192.
Frame rate: 25Hz.
Temperature measurement range: -15℃-600℃.
Shell material: Aluminium, carbon fibre.
Connector: Android Type-C.
Lens: 3.2mm.
Fire Eye Thermal Camera app: WWW.QIANLI.CN.

1. Temperature range adjustment.
By adjusting the temperature range on the temperature bar on the right side of the screen, quickly 
highlight the required temperature range.

2. High temperature QUICK check and Locate.
Under this mode, the high temperature region is displayed in the current colour palette and the other 
regions are white hot. The temperature range can be adjusted via the slider on the right side of the 
colour palette bar to quickly locate high temperature.

3. Customized regional temperature measurement.
Click on the "Regional Temperature Measurement" button on the right side to add points, straight lines 
and rectangular boxes to the video for temperature measurement, the straight line and rectangular 
box will show the real-time maximum and minimum temperatures for the displayed region. Long 
press on each added area will bring up the deleted icon, click on the icon to delete, high temperature 
abnormalities, palette bar to quickly locate high temperature abnormalities.

4. High Temperature Alarm.
Real-time attention to the screen is not required, the set temperature is automatically alerted.
Click the switch icon of "High Temperature Alarm", and a window for setting the high temperature 
threshold value pops up on the interface. When the maximum temperature value in the screen is 
higher than the alarm threshold value(in the regional temperature measurement mode, the temperature 
in the region is taken as the benchmark, except point measurement), the system will sound an alarm, 
and then the video screen will flash a red alarm.

5. Multiple colour display modes.
Switch between different colour palettes depending on the applications 6 different colour palettes.
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