QUICK 881D 1300W Hot Air Desoldering Rework Station

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1300W Quick 881D BGA Rework Station, professional Mobile Phone circuit board BGA desoldering Tool, 2-IN-1 Upgrade version from Quick 856AD Hardcover Edition + Quick 861DW Flagship Edition, make your maintenance work more efficient.

Product Specification:

1. Power 1300W

2. Voltage AC 110V/220V

3. Temperature Range 100 ~ 500

4. Air volume ratio range 6 ~ 200

5. Maximum air flow 100 L / min

6. Dimensions 188 (L) × 245 (D) × 135 (H) mm

7. Weight: About 4700g


1. It has three working channels of CH1, CH2 and CH3, and can set the air volume and temperature of each channel.

2. With password protection and key lock function.

3. It is easy to operate in real time and has magnetic control switch control. When the handle is placed on the handle frame, it will immediately go to sleep.

4. With automatic sleep function, parameters can be set in the sleep state.

5. The sensor closes the loop, the microcomputer cross-zero triggers the temperature control, the power is large, the heating rate is fast, the temperature adjustment is convenient and accurate, and is not affected by the air volume.

6. The brushless vortex fan is used, the airflow is adjustable, and the range is large, which can be used for various purposes.

7. The system is equipped with an automatic large air volume cooling function to extend the life of the heating element and protect the hot air handle.

Package Content:

1 x  QUICK 881D 1300W Hot Air Desoldering Rework Station


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