SUGON 8650 1300W 3 Mode Intelligent Digital Display Hot Air Gun Rework Station 220V EU Adapter

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SUGON 8650 1300W 3 Mode Intelligent Digital Display Hot Air Gun Rework Station 220V EU Adapter
1. Three heating modes: precision mode, universal mode, and high-speed mode, suitable for different use scenarios.
2. Innovative pluggable air gun handle is adopted to facilitate the update of air gun handle and replacement of spare 
parts in the future.
3. The air gun handle has four CH buttons, which can synchronously call up and set the four working storage memory 
channels of the storage host. At the same time, the air gun handle also has a one-button cold air function.
4. The innovative handle bracket and built-in stainless steel air nozzle storage and insertion box can neatly store the 
air nozzle and quickly replace the air nozzle during use and under high temperature conditions, without the need for 
other auxiliary tools. The front and rear directions of the sleeping seat can be adjusted to meet more work position 
selection requirements.
5. Equipped with 8 air nozzles: straight air 5 #, 7 #, 10 #, 12 #, spiral air 8 #, 10 #, and oblique air nozzles 7 #, 10 #, 
suitable for different use needs.
6. Digital display: Set temperature, real-time temperature, air volume, and 4 groups of storage memory parameters, 
making the display more intuitive and accurate; Accurate adjustment of keys is more convenient to use.
7. The host has four preset storage channels, which can preset and store four sets of temperature and air volume settings; 
At the same time, it has a buzzer switch function, a temperature conversion function, a cold air setting function, and a 
temperature calibration function, which customers can set according to the actual situation.
8. The handle of the air gun is controlled by a magnetic switch, and when placed on the handle frame, it immediately 
enters sleep. The host can set parameters when it is in hibernation.
9. Automatic large air volume cooling function, extending the life of the heating body, and protecting the hot air handle.
10. Pure copper transformer ensures stable output of 1300W high-power; Brushless vortex fan is quiet, durable, and has 
large air volume.
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