SUNSHINE TB-03S Mini Infrared Rapid Thermal Camera

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SUNSHINE TB-03S Mini Infrared Rapid Thermal Camera
1. Model: TB-03S Mini
2. Lens Size: 32*37*48mm
3. Hose Length: ≈310mm
4. Package Size: 120*205*88mm
5. Resolution: 256*192
6. Wavelength Range: 7.5μm~13.5μm
7. Camera Angle: 25°*18°
8. Display Mode: Infrared thermal imaging
9. Connection Method: Type-C, USB 2.0
10. Temperature Measurement Range: -20°C~550°C
11. Temperature Measurement Distance: 5cm~25cm
12. Support Platform: Desktop/Laptop Windows 7/10/11
13. Supporting Software: Support online upgrade

1. TB-03S Mini HD Infrared thermal imaging supports various innovative DIY and detachable infrared lens.
2. It is used in many scenarios such as circuit board inspection, house inspection, industrial equipment inspection, 
visitor monitoring, etc.
3. 256*192 high-definition thermal imaging, with clearer details, supports a one-click quick search function and 
quickly and accurately locates the location of high-temperature components.
4. Small and exquisite appearance, can be held in one hand, innovative design, easy to carry and go.
5. Switch to the "one-click quick diagnosis" mode to effectively solve the problems of traditional leakage detection, 
such as low efficiency and difficult operation. Even at the milliamp level, it can detect quickly and accurately, and 
the control is convenient and fast.
6. The infrared lens is detachable, supporting various innovative DIYs and creating more interesting and creative 
7. The bracket can be adjusted 360° at will, and the bracket angle can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of 
various detection scenarios.
8. Dedicated client software, the interface is simple and users can get started quickly.
9. Clamp-type innovative design, no base, no space occupied, more convenient for suffering.
10. The interface is simple and users can get started quickly.

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