​MaAnt SL-1 Constant Heating Glue Removal Platform

CODE: AS130282

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Gross weight80g

​MaAnt SL-1 Constant Heating Glue Removal Platform
1. Compatible with chips smaller than 20mm x 18.5mm, suitable for more than 99% chips on the market.
2. One-button heating, rapid heating, adjustable temperature range of 160-250°C, suitable for the removal 
of glue and tin from multiple generations of iPhones and Huawei chips.
3. No need for solder wick, residual solder can be easily cleaned using a cotton swab, without damaging the 
solder pads.
4. Heating without a hot air gun, temperature is 100 degrees lower than that of a hot air gun, making glue or
 tin removal safer.
5. Heating without a soldering iron, no need for repeated scraping with a soldering iron, and no damage to
 the solder pads.
6. Low voltage heating plate, non-traditional high-voltage heating, no leakage of electric static.
7. Curved heating, no need to worry about thermal stress causing chip damage.
8. Full bonding design, no need to worry about chip deformation or damage due to the chip's bottom lifting.
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