SUGON T60 Soldering Station With C210 Handle 110V US Plug

CODE: AS137892

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Gross weight3700g

SUGON T60 Soldering Station With C210 Handle 110V US Plug
1. Model: SUGON-T60
2. Input voltage: AC 100V/AC 220V 50/60Hz
3. Maximum power: 160W
4. Temperature control range: 100°C-450°C (212°F-842°F)
5. Display mode: Digital display

1. One machine has dual working positions and there is no delay when switching between dual working 
positions and both support T115/T210/T245 handles.(Both workstations cannot be used at the same time)
2. The extension cord is 140cm long and can be used far from the soldering station body.
3. Programmable chip temperature control is different from the traditional AC voltage temperature control, 
and the temperature rises quickly and accurately.
4. The handle bracket can be adjusted up and down 45° to meet more needs.
5. The soldering station and the expansion station have an automatic sleep function. Place the handle on the 
bracket and immediately go to sleep mode. Lift it and it heats up immediately.

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