Top LCD Screen for Nintendo DSi Ori 98% New

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QualityOri 98% New
Gross weight50g
Compatible Models

Nintendo DSi


Test before installation

1.A screen is a breakable item, we strongly suggest you to test it before installing it. When testing, do not remove any protective film or tags. please pay attention the problem of static discharge.

2.Testing process - please conect the flex cable of the new replacement screen to the monthboard cable of the test device , power it on, start the testing. if it turns on as usual, you can install the screen. if the device doesnt turn on, please contact us as soon as possible and do not install the screen. 

3.please make sure that the screen flex cable is not over bent - an angle of more than 90 degree will cause a black screen or stripes.

Packaging process diagram

Product contents:

1. LCD screen replacement


1. Quality: Ori

2. Compatible with: 

3. Estimated weight: about 10g

Product Features:

1. The LCD screen is easy to be damaged, please handle it carefully.

2. Over 90 degrees bent of the LCD cable will damage it and cause black display. Please make sure it is

    not over-bended.

3. All the screw holes and cuts are precise; this LCD screen will fit your phone perfectly.

4. The LCD screen has been checked carefully and works well before shipping.


Ⅰ. The item often solves the following problems:

1. The LCD screen is cracked, shattered, or broken obviously.

  1. 2. There are dead pixels, colored spot, lines on your screen or the display is dark.

Ⅱ. LCD screen is located under the glass and touch screen, it is responsible for the image displayed on

the phone. Compared with replacing the whole screen replacement (that includes LCD screen and touch

screen) which also solves problems above, replacing LCD screen is cheaper but also more complex as

the LCD is fragile.

Ⅲ. How to know which screen part you need:

1. Only LCD screen: In this case when the touch panel is not damaged but the image under the glass is

    not clear, you only need an LCD screen.

2. Only touch screen: In this case when the image under the touch panel is fine but the touch panel or

    glass is broken, you only need a touch screen.

3. Screen replacement: When both the top touch panel and the LCD image are broken, you need a

    complete screen replacement.

Package Content:

1 x LCD Screen for Nintendo DSi XL NDSi Ori


1. Before ordering: Please check your model and read related information carefully.

2. Before installation: It would be better to test the item as the LCD screen is fragile.

3. Testing process: First, attach the flex cable of the new LCD screen to the motherboard of testing

    phone, second, power on, then, just start testing. During the test, please remember not to remove

    any protective film or tags and mind static electricity.

4. Testing result: If the test result is OK, then you can install it, if not, please contact us as soon as

    possible and do not install it forcefully because we will not be responsible for damage caused during

    and after installation.

5. Installation: special tools and professional operation are highly recommended.

6. We offer 1 year warranty for this item.

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