RELIFE RL-078A 14 Hole Screwdriver Rotating Storage

CODE: AS134245

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Gross weight170g

RELIFE RL-078A 14 Hole Screwdriver Rotating Storage
1. Large-capacity 14-hole design, suitable for multi-functional storage of most screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, 
soldering iron tips, etc. on the market.
2. Turn the desktop from messy to tidy. The storage box is simple in shape, easy to take and place, and improves 
work efficiency.
3. 14 holes, multiple compartments for precise storage, small and exquisite, does not occupy maintenance space, 
and is convenient for maintenance.
4. The storage slot has strong magnetism, which can quickly magnetize the screwdriver bit while storing it. No 
additional magnetization is required, which is convenient and fast.
5. Lightweight design,Comfortable and skin-friendly feel, light material
6. Anti-slip buffer design,The bottom uses a bottom sponge cushion, which is anti-slip and durable.
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