Wowstick 1F+ Lithium Cordless With 56 Batches Electric Screwdriver

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Product Description:

1F+ is also the wowstick full range of electric screwdrivers, with the strongest performance, the most accessories,

the widest disassembly range, and the strongest practicality. Basically includes the wowstick full range of accessories.

 It is not only an electric screwdriver but also a manual screwdriver. Do not ignore manual functions. Because this electric

screwdriver has an internal self-locking design, as long as the manual torque screwdriver, internal self-locking willautomatically

open to avoid damage to the motor, and manual torque can withstand 30KG torque. Enough to meet the daily needs of small

and medium-sized equipment. Electric and manual can be operated independently or simultaneously.

Product Specification:

1. Brand: Wowstick 1F+

2. Color: Space Grey

3. Size: diameter 15MM and length 173MM

4. Packing Size: 183*41*35mm

5. Charger Time: 40mins

6. Life: continuous empty up to 2 hours

7. Single charge standby: 180 days

8. Single charge use: 10-30 days

9. Rated voltage: 3.7V

10. Charging input standard: 5V DC 500MAH

Package include:

1. Electric screwdriverbase (used to allow the screwdriver to erect the desktop) 

2. White magnetic storage box (to accommodate the screwdriver and the role of the first batch)

3. USB charging cable

4. Suction cup

5. Plus / degausser

6. Triangle disassemble film

7. Magnetic positioning plate

8. 56 S2 steel bits

9. Common screws

Performance parameters: No-load speed = 200 rpm. Electric torque peak = 0.15nm (1.5KG torque). Manual torque

peak = 3nm (30KG torque). Built-in lithium battery, used for charging. A key to control the forward and reverse operation

is very convenient. With LED lights, the work area is automatically illuminated when the work is reversed. About 2 hours of

continuous idle work, the actual average person is intermittent work (the battery can last longer). Charge for about 40 minutes

full (charging red light, full of green light). The electric screwdriver has a diameter of 15.8mm and a length of 173mm. The size

is appropriate. The operation is as simple and comfortable as a pen, and a thumb can control the forward and reverse rotation.

The handle is very good, the handleability is very strong, the volume is portable, and the storage is It is very convenient to carry.

And the screwdriver body adopts all-metal design, feels good, durability, exquisite workmanship.

Screwdriver with 56 imported S2 steel bit, basically contains small and medium-sized equipment, commonly used in various

forms of the first batch: Cross word hexagon Hexagon five-star U-shaped Y-square triangle thimble plate, the basic size

specifications include The practicality is very strong.

Disassemble range is simple to enumerate: current market mobile digital toys flat glasses camera game console laptop

desktop computer one computer computer peripherals and computer consumables products and drones electronic cigarette

model aircraft die knife and small appliances and some precision equipment and so on and so on Most of the small and

medium-sized equipment can be removed. The batch specifications are numerous and comprehensive, covering a wide

range of dismantling machines.

And basically all mobile phone notebook desktop electronic digital products basic dismantling, commonly used specifications

basically include 56 S2 steel bit, detailed specifications are listed below. (As long as it is not very odd, the screws can be

removed basically).

This screwdriver, electric and manual tips and performance operations are introduced:

Some equipment screws are very tight in their initial state and need to be loosened manually before being driven by electric

motors. (You can press and hold the button to remove the screw at the same time, hand to swing the direction of the split

screw, it is more convenient and more convenient). The process of screwing some equipment screws after being drunk also

requires a lot of torque, and it also requires manual and manual operation. (You can press and hold the screw button and

swing it in the direction of the screw, which is more convenient and more convenient).

1F + screwdriver, his electric performance is for: mobile digital electronic products and precision products, such as small and

medium-sized equipment screw disassembly use, if the electric torque is too large, it is easy to cause the device to slide wire,

lose its safety significance. And one minute 200 rpm is enough to meet the efficiency requirements of individuals and

maintenance customers.

1F+ screwdriver, his manual performance is for: some very tight screws and need to operate with high torque, such as desktop

small appliances hard drive drone model aircraft and some metal frame screws, these screws need a large torque, beyond The

electric torque can be directly operated manually, which greatly expands the practicality of the screwdriver. To have electric

electric, manual manual, double-edged sword.


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