Wowstick SD63 Dual Power Lithium Battery Home Screwdriver

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CODE: AS068639

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Gross weight570g
Package size22.00 cm x 8.50 cm x 5.50 cm

Wowstick SD 36 in 1 Dual Power Lithium Battery Home Screwdriver
1. Built-in lithium electricity, ultra-long standby
2. The thinnest handle and short velvet anti-skid pad is delicate and comfortable
3. Super long 67mm output shaft, easy to deal with narrow working conditions
4. Equipped with 3 LED shadowless lights, no fear of dim environment
5. It has varying sizes of screwdriver bits that will easily meet your every need, 
with bit hardness of up to 60hrc. It is also equipped with 36 different screwdriver 
heads to handle varying types and sizes of screws.
6. The torsion is up to 0.9N.M for electric and 3N.M for manual use.
7. Application:It can be used for a wide variety of household tasks, such as 
disassembly and assembly of small furniture, tables and chairs, beds, cabinets, 
door handles, various types of lamp, switches, etc.

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