Mechanic TI-08 3D Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer without Camera Lens

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Mechanic TI-08 3D Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer
1. Product model: TI-08
2. Product size: 285*220*172mm
3. Resolving power: 256 x192 pixels
4. Temperature measurement distance: 30mm-150mm
5. Device interface: USB Type-C
6. Lens field of view angle: 56x42
7. Image storage format: JPG
8. Video storage format: MP4

1. 3D Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer, professional motherboard testing equipment, so that your maintenance
 faster, faster and more accurate.
2. One-click fault quick check, quickly locate mainboard faults and support one-click leakage detection.
3. 3D thermal field release analysis visual display of temperature changes.
4. Antistatic base high-temperature resistant silicone aluminum alloy base plate.
5. Military-grade high-resolution infrared lens, no visible light camera, can clearly show the outline minimalist
 design, high performance, mechanical appearance, and even more impeccable cost performance.
6. 52000-point effective temperature measurement (192x256) full-frame infrared detection.
7. PC software independently developed, compatible with more than 90% of the computer systems on the
8. A quick check of leakage current, quickly locate temperature anomalies based on the real-time temperature
 and fine-tune the temperature range to troubleshoot faults.
9. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the image flashes a red box and sounds an alarm, the
 function can be used to track the highest temperature point on the screen and mark the temperature.
10. Special mode innovation for product evaluation and heat distribution analysis, 3D thermal field mode is
 more intuitive, and 2D thermal field area curve recording is more detailed.
11. According to different use scenarios switch different color swatches 5 different development color swatches.
12. For heat distribution design optimization, fault differentiation comparison verification region temperature
 curve comparison record, superposition comparison, and so on.
13. 360° fine-tuning new experience mechanical beauty, quickly adjust the lens direction/distance according
 to demand a stable structure/fast/convenient.
14. Prevent the lens from striking the motherboard under test when quickly adjusting the position, and limit
 the minimum focal length range.
15. High temperature resistance up to 500℃, prevents the maintenance of heat insulation pad carbonization,

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