SUNLU 1.75mm*330m PLA 3D Printer Pen Filament White

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SUNLU 1.75mm*330m PLA 3D Printer Pen Filament White
1. We use high-quality imported bioplastic PLA.
2. PLA's nozzle temperature is 190-230°C, and the bottom plate temperature is 60°C. 
Biological materials, corn grain extraction, degradable and environmentally friendly. 
Hard quality, high strength, and rigidity. The surface is bright, no curling, no warping, 
no blocking when printing. 
3. Our modified consumables (PLA and ABS) can be easily formed, the printed products 
have no burrs, the colors are vivid and vivid, and the entire printing process has no peculiar 
4. The product specification is φ1.75mm, and the accuracy is controlled at plus or minus 
0.03mm. The diameter and roundness of the product are controlled by diameter measuring 
instrument and PLC during the production process. 

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